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Sith Emperor was the title given to the head of the Sith Empire. At least two Sith Lords served as Sith Emperor, Vitiate and Darth Krayt, while Acina served as Sith Empress. Vitiate, known for the vast majority of his life as simply the Sith Emperor and known to his Eternal Empire as Valkorion, was a Dark Lord of the Sith who reconstituted the Sith Empire after its destruction in the Great Hyperspace War and went on to rule it for over 1,400 years. To the people of. Vitiate was the Emperor of the Sith for over a millennium during the Old Republic era, reconstructing it after the Great Hyperspace War. Born to farmers on the planet Medriass in 5113 BBY, Tenebrae was always unnatural, having eyes as black as space and never displaying emotion. At the mere age.

26/12/2016 · I think Wrath being the one who destroys emperor is a right story arc than others. It makes more sense and in star wars, history repeats itself when apprentice kills his master. Thanks to bioware for this amazing, my all. Vitiate the second was born right before the outbreak of the Second Great Galactic War, by the Sith Emperor using a recently discovered dark side ritual to create a second body in case his mortal form was killed, however, it entirely replicated his spirit as well, making Vitiate II an actual person, and his "son". Vitiate has 1500yrs of experience, study and application of the Force. And is, frankly, one of the most powerful beings to exist within the Star Wars franchise. Considering he can still ruin your day as an incorporeal specter with no apparent current means of putting him down. 17/07/2018 · The Star Wars saga episodes 1-6 was essentially the story of the rise, fall, and redemption of the chosen one, Anakin Skywalker. The Star Wars saga was not about anybody else. Yes Star Wars has a multitude of species, races, ethnicities in such a wide, unlimited universe and still has potential for an unlimited amount of content. Battle of the Sith Emperors: Sidious vs Vitiate This topic is locked from further discussion. no questions asked, with far greater feats than the Sith Emperor. Vitiate requires trinkets,. My question is who in the Star Wars Universe can beat Sidious in a fair, one-on-one battle? 6 years ago.

16/02/2012 · Personally from what i've seen of Sidious and what I've read of Vitiate I think there would be no contest. I think vitiate would easily dominate Sidious before turning him into a mindless puppet. But I'm not well versed in the whole Star Wars Lore. I just know what happend in the movies and everything that I've read up on about the Old Republic. Lately, Vitiate has been an absent emperor and was supposedly vanquished by a Jedi Knight in a conflict, leaving the ruling of the empire to the Dark Council. With the sudden arrival of the Eternal Empire,. Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. SNOKE IS TENEBRAE/VITIATE/ VALKORION THEORY This one, like many other posts in Reddit, is about Snoke. especially since the emperor, in the latest season of Star Wars the clones wars if you’re following that series, said to Darth Maul that he had plans for him in the future.

28/03/2018 · Tenebrae—known to the Old Sith Empire as Vitiate, his reconstituted Sith Empire as the Sith Emperor, and his Eternal Empire as Valkorion—was an ancient dark side entity of enormous power who manipulated galactic affairs for 1,500 years. Valkorion was an alias of the former Sith Emperor, Vitiate, used as a conduit to create a new faction more powerful than the one he left behind. His new body was a Human male who was the Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Empire during and after the fall of the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. I hold the patience of stone and the will of stars. Your striving is insignificant. Let your death be the same." —The Sith Emperor, to a Jedi Knight sent to kill him. Vitiate was a Dark Lord of the Sith who brought the True Sith Empire together from the remains of the First Sith Empire after the Great Hyperspace War. 25/12/2016 · Senya described falling in love with him when he was already the Immortal Emperor. And Valkorion could only ever have become Emperor of Zakuul after Vitiate possessed him. Some of these are discrepancies that our characters can actually draw attention to. The Outlander can actually point out that Vitiate tried to devour everyone on Zakuul.

08/09/2018 · This is a pretty good comprehensive post. I agree with most of your points about how the story progress. As for Dramath's Holocron I think perhaps we could explain it this way: Given it's unique ability to fully hold a force ghost as opposed to just a Keeper like the other Holocrons, perhaps the Holocron "weakned" Valkorion's force ghost enough. 14/12/2019 · Vitiate drew upon the strength of eight thousand other Sith Lords, and it took ten days to complete in its entirety. The Sith Emperor, as Vitiate became known, was later able to perform the ritual on his own with his incredible strength in the Force, though he required a sacrifice—the simultaneous deaths of thousands—in order to begin the Sith magic. 16/04/2013 · Stop comparing Vitiate to Palpatine. STAR WARS Discussion. When Yoda crosses sabers with the movie's arch-villain, he doesn't launch into a pinwheeling display of acrobatics, as he did against Count Dooku in Episode II.

r/StarWars: Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise,. Could Vitiate/Valkorian/ The Sith Emperor be Redeemed? General Discussion. One of the options that you can choose when you fight the Sith Emperor in SWTOR is to suggest that you want to take him to Thython and try to redeem him. 06/03/2019 · Revan did somehow remember the encounter with vitiate and left all the factories and shipyards he would need to fight against the vitiate's empire intact as he fought the republic. As the star forge fed on the dark side until it consumed the one commanding it. Vitiate, formerly known as Tenebrae or also known as either: Lord Vitiate or Darth Vitiate or simple the Sith Emperor, was a Sith Master of the Sith and the Sith Emperor of the Reconstituted Sith Empire. Appearances Edit. Return of Darkness series. Season One - Rebels within Rebels in Epilogue Season Two - Primitive Wars; Season Three - Dark.

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